Prim, stuck on a Holloway roof for a week as RSPCA and fire brigade refused to help missing moggie

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Prim, stuck on a Holloway roof for a week as RSPCA and fire brigade refused to help missing moggie

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:16 am

WHEN Prim the cat was spotted teetering on the edge of the Nags Head Market roof in Holloway on Monday after being missing for five days, owner Tara Button was overjoyed.

But her troubles weren’t over yet.

Even though the young moggie had been stuck on the roof for nearly a week, both the fire brigade and RSPCA said they couldn’t help.

“Prim’s always home usually and I was desperately worried,” said Tara, 32.

“She’s more of a puppy than a cat, she sits on my shoulder and always greets me at the door when I come home.”

As soon as she realised that one-and-a-half-year-old Prim was missing, Tara stayed out until 2am putting up posters in the streets near her home in Herslet Road, Holloway.

She also knocked on over 600 doors between Seven Sisters Road and Tollington, asking about any sightings.

A sharp-eyed neighbour was eating in McDonald’s five days later when he spotted Prim on the roof of the Nags Head Market in Seven Sisters Road.

“At 2pm I got a call at work,” she said. “I couldn’t get away immediately but as soon as I could leave I ran back. I got back at 5.30pm and we didn’t get her down until 10pm. It was bucketing it down.

“I could see her head was hanging over the side of the building, calling to me.

“We tried the ladder from the market but it didn’t reach. A colleague brought a ladder but that wasn’t long enough. I even tried to get a plank from the snooker hall to reach across but that didn’t work.”

Tara rang the RSPCA but was told she would need to wait 24 hours before they would respond.

“They said there’s no proof she’s been up there for more than 24 hours and we would have to leave her there. I called the RSPCA later, more distressed, and they said they couldn’t come because it was too dark and they didn’t have a ladder.”

She also called the fire brigade but was told that they didn’t respond to such calls.

A frantic Tara was extremely relieved when a neighbour arrived at the scene with a long ladder.

He scaled it with ease and was able to grab Prim with one arm and climb back down.

“I haven’t kept her out of my sight since,” Tara said.

“And she hasn’t let me stay out of hers. I would like to say a big thank you to all the neighbours.

“Everyone was so supportive and looked out for Prim.”

She thinks that the young moggie may have climbed onto the roof in the pursuit of pigeons.

Tara presented her gallant neighbour with £100 as a thank you for his bravery.


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Post  Trilby Bee on Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:08 pm

At least the RSPCA didn't get their greedy mitts on the £100. Ha ha!!

But odd that if the same cat had been reported by a 'concerned member of the public' because it was a bit skinny there would have been about a gang of about 13 crawling all over the place - remember the John Spicer case. No hesitation there, as I recall, on the part of Fire Brigade or CRAPS.
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