Horse and Hound/RSPCA and schools

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Horse and Hound/RSPCA and schools

Post  millie1* on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:55 pm

Hi can someone do some research on this and see how we can oppose this - it is a headline on Horse and hound online today. I am away til Tues 24th but would certainly like to put a few thoughts to whoever will make this decision!

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RSPCA Lessons In Schools

Post  Trilby Bee on Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:03 pm

Well, I never heard the like and I, for one, would not allow a child of mine to sit in on a lesson 'planned' by RSPCA. I would insist that they were excluded. And lo and behold!!! the inaptly named 'World Horse Welfare' have (predicatably) got their ugly mugs in on the act!! Teachers will naturally be well in favour of this as it will be an easy option for them...some git in uniform brings in a cuddly rabbit...a fluffy kitten...or in the case of WHW (as in the pic) a cute-as-a-button Shetland Pony which is small enough to handle. teaching while the uniforms are there, maybe supervise a question and answer time afterwards??  Percentage-wise, very few of the children will ever own a pony/horse, but even if they do, looking at one in a school playground bears absolutely no resemblance to waiting in the freezing cold and dark for the vet to turn up to a horse with colic; or squelching through the mud and shit to bring in a horse that isn't looking well or which has ripped its rug. And bet your life the RSPCA will be telling them how to report their elderly neighbours if their cats look skinny. Evil or Very Mad
And, of course, while a couple of RSPCA ''inspectors'' and WHW  ''field officers''  are happily wasting time doing this, real cruelty cases are not being investgated. SO...more donations wasted on crap. Bet the parents of fee-paying pupils won't want their school fees going on such crap. Sad
Trilby Bee

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