Call for Cumbria police and RSPCA to justify actions after Caldbeck pony man's death.

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Call for Cumbria police and RSPCA to justify actions after Caldbeck pony man's death.

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The brother of a man thought to have killed himself after his ponies were removed from Caldbeck Common has called for the RSPCA and police to justify their actions.

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Neil Brough claims the actions of the police, RSPCA and British Horse Society drove his brother Alan to suicide.

The RSPCA and several other horse charities rounded up more than 100 ponies from Uldale and Caldbeck commons last month because of fears over their welfare.

The 68-year-old from Newbiggin, near Penrith, was arrested on the morning of the operation and found dead by his granddaughter hours after being released later that day.

Neil Brough said: “The man who had been accused of cruelty to the horses was, in fact, so shattered by the idea of losing them that he killed himself.

“A good and decent man has been wrongly accused. Guilt and shame were wrongly poured upon him.

“It’s beholden upon his accusers and upon those who so flagrantly abused their authority in this sad business to make sure Alan Brough’s good name is restored and that restitution is made, as far as this is possible, for the wrong they have done to him and his family.”

He has called for compensation to be paid to Mr Brough’s widow Kathleen and their children and for the organisations involved to be censured and punished.

Mr Brough has also demanded to know what happened to his brother while in police custody in Carlisle and why he was not taken to Penrith station.

The RSPCA took the horses with help from the British Horse Society, HorseWorld Trust, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, RSPCA and World Horse Welfare.

They said: “Many of the horses and ponies were thin, had badly overgrown hooves, leg and hoof deformities causing them pain and discomfort, lice and worms or painful and diseased teeth. Some had noticeable deformities of the skeleton which left them in pain or unable to keep up with the group and get enough grazing and water.

“All the organisations involved were saddened to hear about Mr Brough’s death, and have expressed our deepest condolences to his family.”

The Independent Police Commission is investigating the circumstances surrounding Mr Broughs death.

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