Misuse of Government Agencies and Charities

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Misuse of Government Agencies and Charities

Post  donkeyperson on Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:55 am

Hi Thank you for adding me to the forum. This is a short cut of my story so far.
After taking a bank loan, and having trouble from the bank, despite offering to repay the loan, an LPA receiver was appointed. Then my troubles began, because he did not have the legal right to remove my animals from my farm without taking me to court, and even then he had been appointed illegally, so he decided to use a much better method for him. He continuously reported me to Trading Standards, RSPCA, The Donkey Sanctuary etc As I had 100 horses, 12 donkeys, and a few goats, 2 pigs and a few birds, all the animals were in good condition, apart from a donkey foal that had been under vet care since it was born, and a couple of others that were very old, and even they had been looked at by my vet. The vet from The Donkey Sanctuary who had been a DEFRA vet, decided with Trading Standards I was guilty of neglect, so I have found myself prosecuted, and with a 5 yr ban on equines, llamas, goats and pigs. The case took 18mth to get to court, bear in mind, I still had all the animals apart from my old goat that they euthanised, No one was interested to come and check to see if I was being cruel to them, until I was forced to dispose of them after the court case. I was subject to continual visits to other animals at another site, and the RSPCA decided to raid me and steal 2 goats, which they are now taking me to court to get returned.
This is all a misuse of government agencies, as per a document put into government by Lloyds Bank BSU Action Group. The receiver is attached to UK Acorn Finance now under very close scrutiny by over 50 MP's and the government. Everyone who has had these people involved have either had visits by RSPCA, Trading Standards, been  prosecuted by them, or had contamination issues with their produce and visits by Environmental Health. There is a huge amount more to this, but this is just an outline. PS My vet bills run close to £100,000, my feed bills were close to £50,000 or more, all these were put into court, but ignored in preference to a lying expert witness on their part, who it now appears has a history of doing this, as I have spoken to other people who have had her in their case, and the picture is the same, also even the same phrases have been used in all our court cases. THIS IS A SCANDAL.


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Re: Misuse of Government Agencies and Charities

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:25 pm

Welcome to the forum.
That is some scandal!
Can I ask who you have had contact with? i.e. The SHG

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