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Saw this today

Post  misty02 on Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:02 pm

Saw this on Facebook. Poor woman asking people to share.

'After five continuous hours of crying I'm going to explain what has happened today. Although it's no ones business but mine, I'm determined to raise awareness of how cruel the RSPCA are, and how they're torturing me and ruining the lives of many other loving pet owners.
This charity is currently ruining my life, the life of someone with a severe mental illness, I add. Four months ago the RSPCA decided to take my beloved dogs because Diesel was underweight and bony, was losing his hair, incontinent and was in a generally bad state.
I told the RSPCA that he'd been very ill for a year or so and had regular tests at the vets and a good insurance as they were trying to find out what was wrong with him, but was on painkillers and had special shampoo for a skin condition to keep him comfortable whilst the vets were trying to figure it out.
The RSPCA accused me of lying and said that wasn't a good enough excuse, so they're prosecuting me for starving and neglecting him, regardless of me showing her the vet reports, bills and insurance details.

Well today the officer came over and asked me to sign a consent form to euthanise Diesel because their test confirmed that he has Degenerative Myelopathy. They left it four months to test him, as they thought I was lying, and also didn't treat him with any special care of painkillers as I had been doing. Now he's paralysed from the waist down.
As heartbreaking as it is, I was perfectly happy to sign the form, as I don't want him to suffer and believe it's the right thing to do now that he's lost his quality of life.
What is destroying me though, is that she didn't admit she was wrong, I'm still being prosecuted and I still can't have my other dog back.
But worst of all, not only can I not spend Diesels last night alive curled up in bed with him, they won't return his body to me as it's court evidence. Evidence of something I've clearly just been proved innocent for. He should be spending his last days at home with me where he belongs, and I should be able to lay my best friends body to rest so that I may have the closure to grieve properly.

So please excuse the depressive attitude and my utter disgust at the RSPCA.
They are cruel to humans (and Diesel in this case), this is absolute torture.
My first, best and most beautiful dog (inside and out) is living out his last few days in a kennel, feeling lonely, unwanted and unloved just to spend the following two years in a freezer as 'evidence' "


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