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Post  Trilby Bee on Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:04 pm

Sky News anchor Kay Burley has been unflinching in encounters with meandering politicians and phoney showbiz types

During a career in journalism spanning more than 30 years, Sky News anchor Kay Burley has been unflinching in encounters with meandering politicians and phoney showbiz types.

Neither does the combative presenter pull any punches when it comes to dealing with the RSPCA.

Yesterday, Burley, 54, who holds the distinction of hosting more live television news than any other broadcaster, announced she was cancelling her monthly subscription to the animal charity following a bust-up over a lost dog.

Kay, an avowed dog lover, contacted it on the advice of her vet, after coming across a ‘terrified’ Staffordshire bull terrier, which was lost and running wild in her local park in Harrow, West London.

Expecting to find a sympathetic ear, instead the RSPCA apparently informed her abruptly that the dog was ‘not your problem’. Outraged, she took to Twitter to express her anger, provoking the inevitable ‘Twitter storm’ as other users joined the chorus of disapproval.

The animal charity didn’t help matters by contacting her through the social media site to inform her: ‘We can’t pick up stray dogs unless in danger or severely suffering. You’ll need to contact your local council.’

‘I’m fizzing,’ Kay told me during an advert break yesterday. ‘Also, I’m taking them out of my will. The poor dog was terrified.’

Rushing off to work, Kay left a group of dog-walkers and a groundsman to try to retrieve the poor mutt, with Harrow Council promising to send someone to help as soon as it could.

The RSPCA has been beset by public relations problems in recent times. Two years ago, it was accused of veering into the political arena when it was revealed to have spent £330,000 of funds to prosecute David Cameron’s Heythrop Hunt for fox-hunting.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s break with tradition by refusing to become the RSPCA vice-patron was also seen as a snub

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They never learn do they?

Post  moonstone on Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:23 pm

I read that article too Trilby Smile I was told recently by a friend that a family member donated £3 a month to rspca Rolling Eyes they were cold called by a fundraiser asking if they could give more a month Shocked the stupid person dcided he could and said he would now give another £2 so making his donation £5 a month only to be told that the LEAST he could give would be £8-50p. Evil or Very Mad so he cancelled his donation and now they get nothing Razz


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