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Charity Cards

Post  Trilby Bee on Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:13 am

I went to WH Smith yesterday to grab some Christmas cards...I tend to think that there is so much waste in general but especially at Xmas; for this reason I always try to buy charity cards. There's a shop in the area that ONLY sells charity cards, but it was cold and raining so could not be arsed to walk over there so went to WHS. I searched and searched and practically ever charity card there had RSPCA as one of its beneficiaries, in fact most of them had the same three...RSPCA, Macmillan Nurses and (I think) Children in Need. I would have been happy to buy the Macmillan or Children in Need, but that would have meant a donation to the Gestapo. I eventually found some with ''Help for Heroes'', hardly any selection and not really the sort I wanted but was determined not to give a halfpenny to RSPCA. There were some for British Heart Foundation too but had to do community service there and saw a few strange dealings so determined not to contribute to them. I had to buy a carrier bag yesterday (!!!) but was glad to see it went to dementia Trust. If it had been RSPCA or BHF I'd have gone elsewhere.
The thing with all these charities tho' is that you has no idea what happens to the money once you have given it. And the CEO's (like RSPCA ex-CEO Gavin Grant) are on £160k. Shocked
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