Horse Hoarder Missing

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Re: Horse Hoarder Missing

Post  Candcane on Fri May 17, 2013 7:09 am

Michelle is such a wonderful person. She's received so much criticism that I can see on Facebook and all she is doing is helping that poor chap and his horses.


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Clwyd and Michelle

Post  millie1* on Mon May 20, 2013 2:12 pm

Not on facebook but I'm not a lover of Michelle, my felling is that Clwyd was rather railroaded into some decisions when from his personality a more gentle approach might have been more respectful of his way of life.

Sad but there is a fine line between help and interferance that some overstep. I hope however, that she does manage to keep the ponies going and perhaps can publicise that fact that they are there waiting for him - however, if he was disqualified (he pleaded guilty silly man) then he cant get them back anyway as he has effectively lost his right to appeal.

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Horse hoarder missing

Post  moonstone on Mon May 20, 2013 2:55 pm

Michelle has kept seven of Clwyd's horses Smile she is now trying to find homes for them Smile all of them look really well Smile she wanted Clwyd to know that he still had some horses to come home for Smile


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Clwyd Davies

Post  Trilby Bee on Mon May 20, 2013 5:49 pm

I can see what you are saying Millie, he pleaded guilty so he's had it as far as the original horses are concerned.
But I can also see why he would...he's an old guy of ?69? and really at that age you can really do without the hassle. He's had enough. So if he had pleaded not guilty, then what...the whole saga goes on indefinitely. I'm not sure how many horses he had taken, loads, but as you know, from the minute those shysters get their hands on them they really start to cost big's like they are all on full livery at the Dorchester! Mad And what chance would he have of winning eventually? He's a simple man with simple needs but I doubt he has what it takes to take these bullies on. Doubt he has a landline, mobile, laptop in that place he lived. I couldn't even imagine a postman delivering there.
Two years ago there was a press release on the World Horse Welfare website, a retired barrister if you like had received a 10-year deprivation order and costs of £10,000. He was a barrister and he lost against the RSPCA milions. And £10,000 was for just two horses I believe. And Clwyd probably had... 20?
At my first court visit, before I had been into the courtroom, some totally up-himself Duty Solicitor informed me my case had already cost 3k for ONE horse. Ah, I thought, that's nice. OK so Clwyd has/had nothing much, but they would want some sort of monthly contributions towards the costs. Think stress has taken its toll of Clwyd...these horses were his life, then of course all these pictures appeared on FB supposedly of Clwyd's herd about 7 years ago. Some were in a poor state, but what shocked me that whoever took those photos x years ago would wait until now, when Clwyd was being charged, to come forward and say 'Well, x years ago I was in a field which supposedly CD was using and these are pictures of ponies with broken legs and also a couple of dead and decomposing foals. I didn't say anything at the time, but now that Clwyd is in court I will say what I know'.

I hope some benefactor has taken Clwyd under his/her wing and he is living a stressfree life in the sun!!And Mille, I hpe your case is progressing satisfactorily.
Trilby Bee

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Re: Horse Hoarder Missing

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