RSPCA and Breeders Shock Admission.

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RSPCA and Breeders Shock Admission.

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RSPCA and Breeders Shock Admission
I have started a Government petition to ban the practice of neutering at such a young age, please add your name to this petition and register your concern.
Thank you.

Petition is under = `Ban the RSPCA and some breeders from neutering puppies as young as 6 weeks of age`

Would you consider neutering this puppy?
He is just six weeks of age. The RSPCA spays and castrates at this age, and apparently believes it is ethically and morally acceptable to do so.

As do some breeders, rescue centres and a few vets. There is a breeder in Wales I know of that neuters her Labradoodle dogs, both standard and minis, at six weeks of age.

She states it is to keep the bloodline pure and is a contractual obligation from the Australian Labradoodle Association.

She is not the only breeder in this country to follow this disgraceful practice. However I know of no other breed other than Australian Labradoodle where this is happening

Keep the bloodline pure? Unless I am sadly mistaken, Labradoodles are not pedigree dogs, they are what is euphemistically known as mongrels.

I am not trying to denigrate these lovely dogs. That does not get away from the fact that they are not pedigrees they are cross breeds.

The two main kennels involved in the breeding of the dogs in Australia have apparently been discredited. And I believe are no longer operating.

Why is it only Australian Labradoodle breeders that do this? Don't other breeders also have their breeds best interest at heart? which is the reason many of these Australian Labradoodle breeders claim they have it done.

If I was a cynic, I would say they did it to limit the number of Australian Labradoodle puppies on the market. Thereby keeping the prices artificially high. More profit for the breeders.

Once with my cynics hat on, I could say are greedy, grasping, misery pedlars that badly affect both mentally and physically the very dogs they claim to uphold.

Is that why these dogs are so ludicrously priced? from £1300 to £1800. Some for breeding purposes have been sold for far higher amounts.

I wish these vets and breeders would all just live by a simple code of practice "First Do No Harm". If they imagine that it has no affect on the young pups then why is it that my records and the records of other behaviorists, show that early neutering is the cause of high level of behavioural problems.

That and the fact that many well known vets and oncologists, are stating that dogs that are neutered early can have severe medical, cancer and bone problems

I saw some posts on a forum recently where the breeder in Wales trotted out a previous client to confirm that the dogs she bought were perfectly healthy. That client was warned by many people including myself, but still went ahead and bought these puppies.

She conveniently forgot to mention that one of them has Hip Dysplacia. When it was pointed out, she said her vet said it was not genetic, but was because of the way it was lying in the womb. If you believe that you will believe anything. She is still defending her decision to buy puppies that were neutered at such a tender age.

I wonder if they have any idea why these puppies are born with three essential hormones. Progesterone, Oestrogen and Testosterone.

Do they imagine those hormones are surplus to requirements, just a inconvenient extra that has been thrown in like the Sat Nav on a car? D they believe that they are not really required and are just an incovenience. Imagine the outcry if it was done to our children at such a sensitive period in these puppies lives.

Tinkering with nature at such a young age must have a cost and consequence I believe that it has severe and llife changing effects.

As a Dog Behaviourist, I see the affects these actions have on the well being, health and behaviour of these poor dogs. I kept records of all the dogs I treated for behavioural problems post 2001. The majority of the problem dogs I treated, were neutered before they reached social and physical maturity.

The amount and severity of problems I saw increased exponentially the earlier the dog is neutered

It beggars belief that any organisation. never mind a one with a royal appointment, or breeders could even consider removing these little pups from their mother and siblings at such an important and sensitive age.

To put them through a major operation at such a critical and tender age, is a national disgrace. In my humble opinion I believe it constitutes serious animal abuse.

A recent study and paper outlines the major problems that are caused by removing puppies from a litter too early. Click Here It shows that it causes major behavioural problems.

That is not to mention the trauma of an operation, and the major physical and behavioural problems neutering before maturity causes. You may wish to read this article, where I go into depth on the medical and behavioural effects of this practice Click Here

I believe these actions may contravene the Animal Welfare Act of 2007. The RSPCA along with other organisations, were to some extent instrumental in the inclusion of the “duty of care” part of that legislation. The bill, possibly the most important legislative move on captive and domestic animals since the Protection of Animals Act of 1911, came into effect on 6th April 2007.

It makes owners and keepers responsible for ensuring that the welfare needs of their animals are met. These requirements include the following:
The need:

1.1. For a suitable environment (place to live)

2.2. For a suitable diet

3.3. To exhibit normal behaviour patterns

4.4. To be housed with, or apart from, other animals (if applicable)

5.5. To be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease

I believe the RSPCA needs investigating, as I feel it may be abusing its status as a charity, by what I can only describe as intimidation. Acting as if they have official status when they have no more powers than any other member of the general public.

No wonder donations are falling when figures like this emerge. We donate to help real cats and real dogs, NOT fat cats and dirty dogs!

I would like to ask everyone that is concerned about this Charity that proudly boasts a Royal Warrant to sign a petition to investigate their infringements of Civil and legal rights.

You could be the next innocent victim of their war on pet owners

Stan Rawlinson September 2012.


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