Just to let you know I'm all still here!

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Just to let you know I'm all still here!

Post  Candcane on Wed May 08, 2013 4:05 pm


Millie1 has been so supportive in the background and I just wanted to say that I'm still getting hassle from the RSPCA.

Obviously I cannot put much onto the open site, but if there are any new people to this site who need support then please PM me. Private PM's from people on here have been invaluable to me and I need to make sure I give something back to.

My current situation, without saying too much: Offered twice now to go to Police Station for a non comment interview. One meeting was not confirmed and the second one declined as the Inspector wasn't available.

PS if anyone needs it I have a mobile number for the head of the legal department and also a mobile number for one of the Chief Inspectors Laughing


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Don't let it get you down, stand up to them

Post  Trilby Bee on Wed May 08, 2013 6:03 pm

Hi C

....and thank you for your post, as we worry when people suddenly go silent. We do realise that you have to be discreet, of course. Try not to panic, and if/when you are 'interviewed' (interrogated) be sure to have someone there - preferably someone with legal expertise, but if not, then a good friend who is not involved emotionally but someone you trust. Any question you don't like the sound of, no comment.
I posted earlier today that these RSPCA cases really must cost the NHS an enormous amount of money, treating all the people for stress/psychological injury all the people who have been at the receiving end of their bullying and suffered - many having had their animals snatched then later eturned as their own vet said they were OK. There is a good case for a claim for psychological injury in many cases. Clwyd Davies is still missing and no doubt it is costing megabucks to search silent for him...I am hoping the RSPCA will contribute to the cost of the search. They are not short of a few quid.
Trilby Bee

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Make sure all no comment

Post  millie1* on Thu May 09, 2013 10:50 am

My advice when you do get interviewed is other than stating you name and address and that you cared for the animals taken that you answer no comment to everything else. Then you can write up your proof (statement) in your own time when you can think clearly and re write any bits you suddenly remember - your solicitor will require this anyway

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Re: Just to let you know I'm all still here!

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