Available Info on how to deal with RSPCA

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Available Info on how to deal with RSPCA

Post  millie1* on Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:10 pm

I am thinking of 2 current strands - one the Court System - timings and deadlines so that people know what to expect and when to make applications etc and another on handling RSPCA personnel and interviews.

For example did you all know that the CPS can be asked by the defence to review a file and either take over and stop the process or proceed???? Only 4 have Ever done this and there are over 2000 prosecutions every year!!!! All it takes is a letter initially outlining why they should take over. If everyone with a strong defence case or weak evidence against them did this the CPS would be flooded but they have to do it - seeing as police admit many of their cases should never have gone to court prior to CPS then surely many of the RSPCA ones will fail to get off the ground too - (many solicitors seem to agree) CPS already fund a 6 man wildlife team - this in my mind should be expanded to cover the Hunting and Animal Welfare Acts - I have discussed with my local MP and given him some figures to look at - he is slowly changing his tune - could all of you approach your local MPs and see what they say - if we have a number asking for the same thing then it will be addresses - one MP cant change the world!

I have the full transcription of the debate in the House of Commons from Jan 2013 discussing role of RSPCA as a private prosecutor - is there anyway this could be posted on this site???


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Re: Available Info on how to deal with RSPCA

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:30 pm

Millie. You can scan it, save it then post it.

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